Peder Balke Senteret

The Peder Balke Centre is located in the main building on the Billerud farm in Kapp in Østre Toten. It was here the painter Peder Balke painted a series of 12 wall paintings in 1834. Billerud is now open to the public, and there are exhibitions and concerts arranged throughout the year.

We have been working with the center since 2015. In that time we have deveoped the visual identity for the centre as well as a a wide range of applications such as website, signage around the grounds, programs for the summer concert series and theatrical productions. We have also worked on exhibition catalogues and a number of books that the centre has published.

The interior of the main house at Billerud has been carefully preserved, and the unique colours from the walls and from the paintings are central to the visual identity and designs we create for the centre. The color palettes symbolize the passage of time, and everything that has happened at the center over the years.